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Qualities of a Good Home Care Aide


During initial conversation with a candidate you want to hire as a home care provider either for you or your loved one, there are certain potential qualities that you must painstakingly look for. It is very important to have questions set up for the candidate. It is also crucial to know whether the candidate demonstrates the overall ability you desire. A good way to start is to ask candidates what they think are the vital qualities for home carers. Highlighted below are the traits that good home caregivers should have in order to ensure that you are your loved one receives the best care:

Professional Appearance

Appearance says a lot about home care aide. Part of being able to judge the capability of your candidates is their look. A lot of clue is given by person’s appearance; this is about their commitment and general attitude. Professional appearance and good hygiene are significant things to look out for.


Competence is one of the most important qualities a home care provider should have. The candidate must be a competent carer. Such candidate should have the obligatory experience and training in the type of home care that you require which may include elderly care, post hospitalisation care etc. Questions about how to care for the patient may be asked. Ask about their previous experience and how they will perform the tasks diligently.


For an expert home health aide, patience is another very important quality. It is very important for such a candidate to have patience and understanding. It is not an easy task to take care of another person most especially the elderly ones where some unconventional behaviour cannot be totally avoided.

Communication Skills

Effective communication by home caregiver with the person receiving care and family members is a plus. Decent communication skills are indispensable for carers to relate to their care recipients and at the same time stay connected. Communication skills can be judged during the initial conversations.

Sense of Humour

In most cases, caregivers repeatedly have to deal with unfriendly tasks, it is very imperative that they are able to take it all in their stride and also have a good sense of humour to cheer the patient up. They need to be open-minded, be tolerant of beliefs and ideas that are different from their own and at the same time be able to handle angry flare-ups without being offended.


A home health aide should be able to take care for the patient with least instruction and at the same time handle unforeseen circumstances very effectively. They should understand their household tasks and be ready to do the same.

Observational Skills

It is very vital for a home care aide to be thoughtful and vigilant. Appropriate response is needed immediately there are changes in the patient’s condition. It will be a good thing to know how candidates assess the condition of a patient and how any changes would be noticed by them.

If you know you cannot verify all these qualities, it is simple: just make your preferences and requirements clear to your agency.

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